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About the Jordan Partnership

About the Jordan Partnership

Dr. Pack

Dr. Pack
The Jordan Partnership is structured with busy Leaders in mind. We offer only three major events every year. These tailor-made events enable us to empower and address every need we are assigned to address.

Our WINTER SUMMIT is designed to be a planning session. The world is always changing and the needs of our Partners change, so we gather to make sure we're intentionally prepared to address all of those needs during our calendar year. During this meeting, all partners are asked to give a sacrificial offering to help fund our yearly events and operational expenses.

HOLY ASSEMBLY is our highest event of the year. This event gives us the opportunity to provide necessary training, credentials and honor to those who are trusted with the care of future of the church. During this event, we only ask all attendees to Register and give during the nightly offering appeals. We also set aside a night to financially bless our Presider Prelate.

REINVENTION is our Marketplace and Ministry Conference. This event is designed to provide synergy and strategies to those who Serve inside and outside of the church building. During this event, we only ask every attendee to Register.

In addition, we provide a monthly conference call, to ensure that every Partner is aware of any and all updates, adjustments or announcements concerning Our Reformation.

  What We Offer

Over 30+ Years of Ministry Experience
Spiritual Covering
Resources and Information
Serving Opportunities
Episcopal Order and Legitimacy
One on One Connection
Access to Biblical Scholars
Pastoral Care and Coaching
Wisdom and Impartation
Excellence In Ministry
Networking Opportunities
Business and Ministry Exposure
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