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Tiers of Leadership

Tiers of Leadership

Visionary/Presiding Prelate - Apostle, Dr. Johnasen L. Pack

Dr. Johnasen L. Pack is one of the Kingdom's clearest voices. He possesses a distinct message that has proven to educate and empower audiences around the world. Dr. Pack has proven to be a pastor's pastor and a leader's leader. Dr. Pack is certainly a man of vision who consistently strives to fulfill his mission to help others identify their purpose and maximize their Kingdom potential.

He is the visionary, founder, and Presiding Prelate of the Jordan Partnership, founded in March 2013. The Jordan Partnership is not a denomination or religious sect. The Jordan Partnership is distinctly a Reformation which embraces all ministries, churches, individuals, and businesses.

Dr. Johnasen Pack

Here is a flow chart of Our Reformation

Apostle Johnasen Pack
Presiding Prelate

Bishop Ontario Jones
2nd Presider

Overseer Kimberly Moore
3rd Presider

Archbishop P. Gregory Schell
Father of Our Partnership

Mother Alice Simmons
Mother of Our Partnership

Apostolic Council

Pastor Shomari White
Bishop R. Christopher Brown

Tiers of Leadership

Bishop Ron Flack Jr
. International Bishop of Protocol

Dr. Inga Johnson
International Director of The Business Division

Prophet Kendall Thomas
International Director of The Prophet's Division

Minister Yolanda Harper
International Director of Personal Ministries

Elder Tinesha Williams
International Director of Prayer & Fasting

Pastor Janice Thompson
International Director of Women?s Ministry

Pastor Eric Brown
International Director for the School of Preaching

Overseer-Designate Bernardo Porter
Empowerment District Leader (North Carolina)

Overseer Walter C. Simmons Jr.
Connecting District Leader (Texas)

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