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Jordan Explained

Jordan Explained

The name Jordan is a household name. It is my belief that it is because of the greatest basketball player who has ever lived! But as a man of faith, Jordan means so much more. The Jordan was the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. This encounter birthed the thought behind this endeavor of The Jordan Partnership. What I saw was an opportunity for two different people with a common belief to partner in order to accomplish something significant that subsequently benefited them both. John did not require a fee for service but rendered it humbly and freely because of the BIG picture. The reality is that no one who values their time, talents, and treasures enjoy being a part of a one-sided relationship.

From what I have studied and learned, Jesus never baptized with water and John never worked a miracle. Both of these individuals had two different ways of bringing about change to make people better, yet when they came together, it was explosive. After this life changing event, the ministry of Jesus began and of course you know the rest of the story.

The general mindset of The Jordan Partnership is to connect with people who possess a means to help others, find and connect with those who need the help, and partner them together for the good of both parties. It is a proven fact that there is strength in numbers. My frustration has been that I did not want to just connect with more people, but I wanted to connect to the right people and I believe that you are a vital part of the fulfillment of this vision.

One of the differences in this partnership is that the target is Leaders. John Maxwell (a well accomplished author and motivational speaker) revealed that a leader is simply one who has influence. I immediately was convinced of this truth and began to implement it in my train of thought and my teachings. I firmly believe that when we gather together as leaders and not just pastors and people, the playing field will be leveled and strength of unity will be established and experienced. Let's make a DIFFERENCE together!

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